Repairing chips and deeper scratches in glass

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Car glass

It’s best not to try to polish chips and deeper scratches out yourself, so take the glass to an automotive glass installer or repairer, they will be able to use their smart windscreen chip repair method on it.

This involves filling the chip with an epoxy resin and polishing it until smooth. This will cost you money, but is likely to be cheaper than replacement in many cases.

This method can also work well for some deeper scratches that you would not otherwise have been able to polish out.

If you’re feeling brave, and are prepared to replace the glass if it all goes wrong, you can try this method yourself using the standard two-part epoxy resin that you can buy at hardware stores. Try to use the resin as sparingly and accurately as possible, and then polish using a polishing compound and buffer as described elsewhere on this site.

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