Window glass

Whether you’ve just scratched your glass furniture or mirror or you’ve been a bit heavy handed with the car windscreen scraper, removing scratches from glass can be a challenge. However, scratched glass can be rather unattractive and, if it’s your car windscreen, distracting, so it’s well worth trying some of these methods for removing scratches from glass before you consider replacing the glass instead.

The glass scratch repair process you choose will depend on the severity of the scratch that you are trying to remove. The lighter the scratch the better your chances of removing it. Test it by running your fingernail across the scratch, and, unfortunately, if your fingernail catches the scratch will probably be too severe to remove using any of the methods described here. Your only option at this stage may be to contact a professional glass repair company and see whether they are able to use their polishing equipment to buff the scratch out. If the scratch is too deep for them to polish you will either have to replace the glass or live with the problem.

Also, ensure that it is actually glass you are trying to repair, as modern car headlights, and some glasses and sunglass lenses are actually made of plastic, and these repair methods may worsen the scratches. There are specialist polishes available for these surfaces.

Be prepared though – most of the methods described here will either require some serious elbow grease or an electric buffer or drill attachment to do the hard work for you!